tumblr_m4x1o1djlB1rxw5kzo1_500The last few days have been borderline miserable with regards to performance for me. I can’t blame the shakes or the spins because I felt perfectly fine. I’d even say I felt good. Let’s recap:



  • Starting with hole #5 at Raven’s Claw, I put a drive OB and then when I prepared a lob shot (which I hit flawlessly about 6 times my previous round), sent one flying over the green. I muffed a chip, muffed a chip, muffed a putt, muffed a putt, and finished with a 10.
  • bs14Hole #11 continued the terror as I hit a hooking 4 iron that improbably hit a cart path and bounced 75 yards into the opposing hole’s fairway. As I stood in the fairway rushing my shot as the people in front of us were looking to tee-off, I duffed one into the cabbage. After a drop in a horrible position, I cranked one out to the right in another awful spot. I then managed a blind shot to off the green, muffed a chip, and patented 3 putt for a 9.
  • I used my putter 3 times on 12 holes. That’s 36 strokes with my putter PLUS 2 more on the other 5 holes and 1 one putt. That’s 47 strokes using my putter.


  • bowling-big-lebowskiIn Game 6 of a tie-break game with Sam, I came up lame bowling a 170 to his 212 to lose. This shouldn’t happen.
  • In Game 1 of a league match all I had to do was hit the 10 pin to virtually win the game as our anchor bowler. I missed it by what was literally 2 mm and cost us the first game.
  • I finished the series with a score that barely broke 500 which is a goddamn embarrassment. It was the right lane. Unless you string together strikes in bowling you don’t score. In the first game I had 5 strikes on the left lane and 3 spares and 2 opens on the right. It continued the remainder of the time as I didn’t have 2 strikes in a row all night. What the fucking fuck.

picard-facepalmThere are no excuses. On Saturday Bud was saying how he lost every competition he played whether it be 3 pointers, can jam, or bags. I tried to cajole him by saying “there, there” but when it happens to you it makes you wonder what the fuck is going on. Combine this with the phone at our business hasn’t rung in 2 days and the world is turned upside down. I’m still hanging in there but none too pleased.