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Why Odell Will Come Out On Top

demi1Preach Odell. The chance of Josh Norman shutting down OBJ (I’m not sure why I used to refer to him as ODB) this year without Carolina’s front 7 is a fucking joke.  Carolina’s defense ranked 6th in yards allowed and 1st in takeaways. The Redskins ranked 28th in yards allowed and 8th in takeaways. This is going to be a bloodbath when the play.

Odell’s stat line for the game Norman body slammed him is deceiving as he had 6 catches for 76 yards and a score. Most fail to mention that he dropped a 60 yard pass where he blew by Norman that would have been an easy TD. Read all about that game in my post here.


My Current Fantasy Draft Order

2XYUGIf I get the 7th pick in the draft I’ll take Odell.

My order for the top 7 is:
1) AB
2) Le’veon Bell
3) AP
4) David Johnson
5) Gronk
6) Gurley
7) OBJ

I'm not sleeping on AP

I’m not sleeping on AP

I’m not drafting a QB early and love securing Gronk with a TE spot. I didn’t get a good RB last year in either of my leagues and managed fine with Muscle Hamster and the Ivory Tower, so I don’t think you have to go RB in the first round which is a common misconception. Drafting Mark Ingram or Shady that high this year is laughable. Give me ol’ reliable AP or Jamaal who is being drafted ridiculously late.

I’m seeing some mocks with OBJ going as the 2nd pick and even I can’t get on that train. I believe he’s next level talent but Antonio Brown is even freakier. The steadiness of David Johnson with his screen passes is not a trait to ignore. I’m saying right now that I’m taking the over yards in both of his matchups with Norman. Any takers?

AHHHHH. Football is almost back.