I have about 10 ideas for posts and they are all shitty so they don’t warrant their own post. This leaves me with a lot of ideas that I’m going to use bullet points because people love bullets.

  • rodgershbo_fullsize_story1I enjoy John Oliver and dislike Bill Simmons. Oliver is a spark plug and Simmons is a glass of water. I look forward to John Oliver’s recap of relevant topics and I only watched the Ben Aflac interview and Aaron Rodger’s and I fell asleep half way through. Oliver makes boring topics interesting and vice versa for Simmons. What the fuck was Simmons wearing?
  • FHmCCSKI’ve been listening to the top 45 on Sirius the past 2 weekends and hate to admit that I enjoy some pop. Charlie Puth and Selenies with “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and Timeflies “Once in a While” have made my playlist.  I like these songs but the catch is too…catchy, which makes them last about a week or two. I also envision Selena singing those hot lyrics to me as I let her know “we don’t talk anymore.”
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnakeOur bowling squad had the best night of the season tonight and only managed a 2-2. Evan rolled some 226 heat with his high game of the year and Sam followed with a 244 which helped but wasn’t enough to offset some clunkers. We are middle of the pack after the 0-4 last week but we’re making head way. It sucks when the averages go up and you don’t win many games. I rolled a nice 600+ series and even left some easy pins on the table so I’m pleased.
  • golf-slide3I’ve been enjoying golf even though I’m not exactly scoring. Same issue with not practicing enough to elevate my game. The pars are coming but I’m having far too many blow up holes. I had 7 pars on Saturday but instead of combining that with bogey’s, I’m tossing in many doubles and triples. It’s only July so I’m expecting to post some better rounds in August now that I’m warmed up and feeling good.
  • Rounders Knish and The Big Lebowski's Jesus

    Rounders Knish and The Big Lebowski’s Jesus

    The Night Of is a worthwhile TV show. Boggs is coming off as the most watchable character with Turtorro not far behind. The portrayal of the criminal justice system seems quite lifelike. Danny McBride in Vice Principals is entertaining but the Walter Goggins as Russell steals the show. It’s not a good show but I’ll laugh through it.

So that’s all I got. I’ll try to run some posts together but I’ve been struggling with good content. Til next time.