Starting last Thursday and ending on early Sunday morning, I drank heavily. Do I know the exact number of drinks I consumed? No. Only nerds care about the sort of thing but it’s in the vicinity of 50. You sort of lose track when you combine beers and shots and how to accurately count them. Either way, I was paying the price on Sunday.

shakesI write this post, like I have before, to give an idea of what to expect with 3 hard days of drinking. Stupidly, on Sunday, I had signed up for a bowling tournament at 6pm. When I got back to my house at around 12pm, I knew I was in big trouble for the bowling tournament. When I arrived at the alley I had to sign a card with my name on it and my hand was completely shaking. My hand writing looked like one of an 85 year old. Note to anyone out there, you don’t want to have shaky hands in a sport that commands precision. I combated the shakes by drinking a few more beers which is best way to rid yourself of them but you will still pay the price further down the line. I bowled adequate but nothing like I can.

fa730cc4f03fee080ea203a69136bb7cI got some Popeye’s chicken on the way home for my 1st meal of the day which is what happens when you drink too much. I went to sleep at around 10pm and sweated through the night in various hour long sleeps. I woke up extremely tired even though I had slept for over 8 hours. I could barely eat breakfast and knew I was in trouble for the day as I’ll write in detail later.

I started chugging as much water as possible but your body only takes so much before each water bottle you drink comes out in clear pee 10 minutes after finishing it. I tried chugging 2 coco-waters and 3 pills of these Vitamin B supplements which sort of worked. I then went for a run to try to sweat out some toxins. All of this helped but I certainly wasn’t fully recovered. We bowled in our league last night and lost 0-4 and even though I didn’t bowl horribly, it’s the same idea that I wasn’t as good as I could have been.

How every decision feels.

How every decision feels.

I slept for almost 10 more hours last night and finally feel like a human being again. The best way to describe this process of alcohol withdrawal is ineffective. Your brain is slow. You look for the right words to speak and your brain flips through about 3 incorrect words before you sound like an idiot out loud. Your decision making is slow as can be and even operating a car is difficult. You’ll see a biker come out of nowhere and start to wonder where did it come from or if it was even there at all. The only cure to the withdrawal is time and boy it takes a while.

I write this post because there are probably millions of people just like me who go through this process one weekend after another. You can try drinking yourself back to health but this is obviously not a good idea. The best method is to know that it’s going to be tough and do your best to get past it. This isn’t a cry for help either. It’s how you know you had a good weekend.