noted_nonvisibleart_headerI haven’t blogged for 5 days and that’s not what I’m about. Every single time you check, I’d like there to be an update. Now that isn’t possible if you check every hour like I’m sure some of you cube monkeys do. I know my audience and you will only plug in my website when you’re really bored and need a dose of separation from the real world. This is why I know there is a disappointment when you visit and see the same amazing post you already read. Fortunately there is a reason for this.

You-Don’t-Say-610x370The main reason is that everyone cares mostly about themselves. This is not an opinion, it’s fact. Your world is I. Everyone’s world is I and it’s important not to forget that. This is why I don’t write recaps of my life for the last 5 days while I haven’t been blogging. I’ve learned that YOU don’t care about ME. So unless what I’m doing involves YOU, there’s no point of blogging about it. Since I’m trying to grow a base of people who like to read what I write, I don’t write about ME.


Haven’t seen the J-Train in 5 years.

Notice my post about my 33 size pants got 7 comments. Why? Because everyone wears pants. Not everyone goes with me to casino’s and golfing. That’s why I’m not going to write about my 2 golf shots on par 3’s in the past 2 days where one was 12 inches and the other was 6 inches from a hole in one. I just won’t do it. I’m certainly not going to write about the 1k I won from Valley Forge Casino gambling from midnight to 4 in the morning. Sure it’s remarkable but who doesn’t win every time they go to the casino? I also didn’t video tape my brother running a 4:37 mile at the tender age of 24 to show how our family never quits making efforts at improving. I also didn’t see the J-train on the Spirit of Philadelphia to take this pic.

At this point you get my drift of how I secretly disguised this post to not write about myself and then did so at every point possible. I’m tricky like that. Even still, the lack of blogging will continue as I’ll be away on Thursday and then gone for most of the weekend at a wedding. I’ll try to squeeze in a few posts in the meantime so the well doesn’t run dry.