11 Hottest Instagram Models

Instagram is worthless to me aside from hot girls posting hot pictures. I see 0 other usability. That being said, the girls who post on Instagram are going balls out for attention and I tend to notice the better ones. I have my reasons for liking or disliking some more than others and I’m happy to share my thoughts.



The Good Ol’ Days.

11. Mckayla Maroney (mckaylamaroney) – 885k followers
If you’ve seen my recent posts you’ll know that McKayla is on the downslide. Even still, she is an attention grabbing whore and with recent implants is letting the puppies eat pretty frequently. What a shame it won’t get better for McKayla but I feel wrong leaving her off the list with as much heat as she’s put out in the past.

throw back to my light hair equals: i just ran out of current selfies to post ????????????????

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Nice beautiful normal person.

10. Allison Bishop (AllisonNYC) – 34k
The queen of the boob bounce when lifting weights. I think it’s called a clean jerk which she does so well. Flying massively under the radar with only 34,000 followers she has a vibrating gravitation to her. Her looks are pretty good to boot but she’ll take the 10 spot with the only member who can benchpress a Buick.

9. Abigail Ratchford (abigailrratchford) – 4.7 million

abigailratchfordBut TC, she’s got the biggest boobs and the hottest look on the planet, how can there be 8 females better than her on Instagram? I know it’s not an easy question to answer but I’m going to do it by saying she’s too fake for me. I don’t mind fake boobs but when you start going fake lips, fake eye lashes, fake who knows what else, I start looking elsewhere. I certainly wouldn’t unfollow her though.



Yoga in the morning.

8. Jordan Carver (jocalife) – 1.8 million
It’s safe to say that Jordan Carver has the biggest breasts on this list. Combined with a flat stomach and a beautiful face, she brings a standard that most can’t live up to. HOWEVER, her boobs are just too big. They are the size of beach balls. Her back seriously must be made of steel. I feel bad that she has to go through life living luxuriously and not having to work. Right….

shot you @ouanophotography ???? #tgif #redrock

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7. Claire Abbott (claire_abbott) – 283k

claire_abbott_fit_by_buffpeople-d7yt1jxA dark horse on my list. She has the girl next door look which I like. She gives the vibe that she’s attainable which I also find attractive even though it’s extremely far from reality. She also never has any dudes in the pics and is well aware of what she’s doing which is both a good and bad thing. Aside from that rendezvous with Dan Bilzerian, I figured her to be nice and wholesome. I’m sure I’m wrong.

smiley because @meundies are soooo soft ???????????? #meundies

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Lindsay Pelas

Underboob in full effect

6. Lindsey Pelas (lindseypelas) – 4.1 million
I may have been wrong about Jordan Carver having the biggest boobs because Lindsey Pelas can’t be far behind. She is the queen of the under and side boob which is very nice. I don’t think she can help it as bikinis aren’t made in her size. She also had that period of time where she told JJ Watt that he can slide into her DM’s which is code for sliding into her vagina. She’s big time fake all over but to each their own.


A photo posted by lindsey (@lindseypelas) on


Leanna Decker

Whoops, forgot my pants.

5. Leanna Decker (leannadecker_) – 435k
This is a wild guess that Leanna is all natural but she doesn’t lay it on as thick as the other girls with regard to makeup. I like her red hair and she always accentuates her valuables. Aside from promoting products in her pictures which I understand because everyone has to get paid, her look is radiating. I’m pretty sure she was Playmate of the year many years ago.

GoodMorning #losangeles ❤️????

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Amanda Elise Lee

Must be cold in here.

4. Amanda Lee (amandaeliselee) – 4.2 million
Fake boobs which stand out a bit too much but that ass works out on a daily basis. What a life. Work out everyday and look hot. With 4 million followers you can get away with it promoting shitty protein drinks. I’m enamored by that body though and she would probably break your dick off.


Katee Ownes on Instagram

That bra is doing god’s work.

3. Katee Owen (kateelife) – 51.7k
I’ve blogged about her before and she is straight up girlfriend material. Her look is so cute and her body so banging that it’s almost unfair. Considering she’s posted many nude videos that she sells to her members, I bet she’s an exhibitionist and wild in the sac. I’m a huge fan. I’ve thought about paying her 50 bucks to get her snaps but haven’t crossed that line yet.

How about this bikini? ????

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Charlotte McKinney

That Bra may be see through…

2. Charlotte McKinney (charlottemckinney) – 1 million
Charlotte McKinney has the dimensions of a goddess. Beautiful everything and a body that people would kill for. The exact description of a buxom blonde. She’s made it into commercials and movies so she’s more than an Instagram beauty. I’d bet I’d beat her in a times table quiz and I could probably beat it in other ways too. Wow. Sweet Jesus.

Weekend can’t come soon enough ????????

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1. Sara Underwood (saraunderwood) – 4 million
Sara-Jean-Underwood-PhotosMore like Sara GiveMeWood! Amiright? Sara Underwood is the tits. She completely works the modeling game and I’m following her around with my tongue out drooling. Her Snapchat is on point too and even better because it’s free video of her acting like a regular person. Yes her boobs are huge from implants but their not too massive where I’m turned off. She has a slamming body and such a cute face that she deserves the #1 spot. She also does nothing else but model so she travels to exotic locations to take pictures. 10/10

That bison tho ???? ???? by @stevebitanga #exploremore #yellowstonenationalpark #photobomb

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