As mention in a previous post, I’ll be using Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me by Steven Hyden as my resource. This post will share the videos of what I promise to be sheer entertainment if you weren’t aware these rivalries/bizarre antics existed.

Eddie Vedder & Kurt Cobain Dancing

“Just real normal”

James Brown invites Michael Jackson and Prince on Stage With One Light Casualty

Prince was coked up which explains the strangeness of how he was acting, he was also pissed off that Michael made James Brown bring him up on stage. Because Michael knew that Prince couldn’t say no to James & Prince didn’t want Michael to upstage him, but as the story goes, Prince was severely pissed off at Michael for this.

Nirvana’s Performance at the ’92 VMA’s

Bonus – Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic hits himself in the face with bass throw at 5:16
MTV forbid Nirvana to play “Rape Me” so you hear Kurt troll them in the beginning. You’ll also hear Dave Grohl screaming “hi Axl” (from GnR) at 5:49 which relates to this story:
It started when Courtney Love shouted a snarky comment at Axl, asking him to be the godfater to her unborn child, Frances Bean. Axl (allegedly) told kurty, “you shut your bitch up or I’m taking you to the pavement.” Kurt then turned to Courtney and sarcastically barked, “Okay, bitch, shut up.” Then Stephanie Seymour, Sport Illustrated swimsuit issue star and Axl’s girlfriend, turned to Courtney and said, “are you a model?” To which Courtney replied “No – are you a brain surgeon?” – excerpt taking from Your Favorite Band…

Taylor Swift Gets Interrupted by Kanye West

Fairly recognizable scene but the odd part is that Beyonce won “Video of the Year”, but did not wing best Female video, which goes to show how stupid not only the awards are, but Kayne as well.

Sinead O’Connor Rips Up Picture of the Pope

Essentially committing career suicide, Sinead rips up a Pope picture. I read that this gesture was more about the Pope abusing children, and she was also abused while she was younger, than a “fuck religion message”.

Kid Rock vs Tommy Lee

“Through my relationship with Pam… I was raising his kids…we just got divorced…he called me a piece of shit…I told him next time I see him I’m going to punch him.” – Kid Rock
The best part of this feud was Tommy Lee calling him “Kid Pebble.”

14 Year Old Bieber’s “One Less Lonely N*****”

Title says it all.

King’s Of Leon Drunk on Stage

“I’m going to go backstage for a second, I’m going to vomit, I’m going to drink a beer, and come back out and play 3 more songs.”