This week's lineup. I also practice my Photoshop

This week’s lineup. I also practice my Photoshop

I’ve been doing the DraftKings golf each week for the past month or two and I can’t tell you that I’ve had any more fun over 4 days for $33 bucks. One week I did a $3 dollar tourney, and Shee did a $33, and I felt like a peon so I have to endorse the $33 each week. Going to and watching the leader board as your players play is a charging feeling. If your 4% guy for $6,500 is doing well you feel like a freaking genius. Last week Adam picked Bryce Molder who was in the lead after 2 days. You don’t even have to like golf. Think of it like an $8 a day entertainment with potential profits if you can pass 6 guys (which I rarely do). On to the sweat.