So I’ve gotten stuck in another word rut. It’s when you keep using the same word over and over again and it’s almost subconsciously being done. My word is actually and it’s amazing how many places you can use the word actually. I describe using the word as a smarter way of saying Uhhs or Uhm’s because there is rarely a need for the word actually to be used. I just like pointing out to people the specifics of my life and the things that I tend to think about during my work day.

On another note, when I was walking in the parking lot on my way to the gym, there was this girl who looked directly at me and gave me this smile. I’ve seen her before when I used to live at Summit and I know she worked at the gym but I’ve never really talked to her. It’s really weird too because I know we’ve seen each other but have never said anything other than hello so I don’t really know what to do. It’s like, “yeah I’ve seen you for years now but I’ve never felt like introducing myself so let’s just continue recognizing each others existence without saying anything.” My plan is that next time I see her I’m going to tell her that I’m aware that she secretly wants to bang and I’m down. She’s a relatively attractive blonde which is all the better. I’ll be sure to fill in on the details because I think I’ve even seen her at Mad River so I’ll be on the look out.

The other thing I’ve been doing lately is driving into people who abuse the green arrow. When there is a left hand turn, sometimes there will be a green arrow to give people the chance to make the turn without worrying about oncoming traffic. However, in Philly, people love to make the left up to 5 seconds after it turns off and opposing traffic has the green light. So whenever my light turns green and I see one of these assholes not abiding by traffic, I just floor it off the line and pretend I’m going to T-bone them. Obviously I never would do this because it would mess up my car as well but I’m just tired of people abusing the system. I’m allowed to abuse the system, other people aren’t.