This post could probably go on for an eternity but I’ll pick a few that I find more annoying than most.

  • Kill me.

    Kill me.

    Recording live concerts or events – I have no problem if you want to take a picture to remind yourself of being at a certain event. I don’t even care if you take a 10 second clip of the action surrounding you. However, what is the point of recording minutes of footage of where you are? Are you planning on going back and re-watching the shitty footage you took? You know who I’m talking about too. The person who holds their phone up real high over their heads to get a shot that no one wants to see so they can show their friends how cool they are. The process of photographing and taking video footage needs moderation.

  • noodlesandriceSharing Food on Instagram – Nobody cares what you eat. They aren’t there to try it with you. What is the point of showing what you’re eating? Normally people won’t share poor people food (this could be a billion dollar idea) so it’s only for people who are pretentious and eating a high end meal and want to show off. Pathetic. Sharing alcohol is always ok. The bigger, the better.
  • maxresdefaultPlaying Games Instead of Interacting – I’ve become way more lenient with people using their cell phones at functions like dinners or events but I draw the line at game playing. Not only is game playing rude when in company, it’s lame as can be. I’ve played Candy Crush. You are literally spending time in one of the lowest forms of entertainment possible. There was a guy who I bowled with who played some baseball or NASCAR game instead of paying attention.
  • texting-driving-newText Driving – An obvious problem that has to be the leading cause of accidents. It’s impossible to text on your phone and be alert when you’re driving. Rear ending other cars has to have spiked 1,000%. Talking on the phone is way better than texting and driving. Youtube watching has to be right up there. Not a good look.

Would it kill a guy for a Gourlay comment? Are you still alive?