Quick basketball update. We were 3-0 moving into game four. The team we played is all black with one white guy. Like Chad would say, if one white guy is playing with a team of all black guys, he’s pretty good (he was just a good shooter). We went down early by as much as 13 in the first half but cut it to 7 at halftime. They made quite a few 3’s in the first half and we moved from a 2-3 to a 3-2 somewhere in that span. We opened the 2nd half with a few buckets and a few stops and basically evened up the score with 15 minutes to play. Without their 3’s, their offense was pretty bad and considering this was our first time ever playing a 3-2, I’m not saying we were playing shut down D. There was a period of time when Jkash picked up a couple fouls in a few seconds combined with some back talk to the refs. The Kashub’s used up 8 of the allotted 10 fouls which is typical of Jkash but unusual from the soft playing CK4. However, other aside from knocking his D, CK4 hit a big 3 with 2 minutes left that put us up 5 or so and even made a big block down the stretch. Our end game wasn’t great and they kept getting to the line for 1 and 1’s but fortunately they didn’t make so many. Bake played good again and we managed a 6 point win over a competitive team. Jess Baker and Mr. Baker, Sharon too, were all in attendance giving us our highest total attendance this season of 3. I expect a 33% attendance boost next week to keep us on the right track. We moved to 4-0 and this league is a better fit for us than the last league we played where we were 0-8.

Jkash and I also were considering seeing Jwoww but did the responsible thing and stayed in, so no good updates.