Whenever I’m able to post on Sunday, especially Sunday morning (it’s 9:34), it must mean that I didn’t have a late night on Saturday night. Now considering I was passed out by 7pm, that led to this rarity. I guess I should start with Friday night. CK4 beat me in beer pong 4 in a row and then we met Dooley and his friend at the Bayou. Nothing was really happening at the Bayou so we went to the Brew Pub and that wasn’t that great so I wandered off to Mad River by myself. As I recall the place was ridiculously packed. Things started to get stranger though and all the details aren’t really in my memory. I met Mael and he was there with some friends and I must have gotten in a cab to go home with them because at 6am on Saturday morning I woke up in place I’ve never been before. I sort of remember being a dick to this one kid but I can’t really remember the exact details. So I was pretty confused at that point and ended up walking back to Green Lane which was only about 10 minutes away. We had football games at 11 am so when I woke up at 9:30 I realized that I had two wallets in my pocket and I must have grabbed the wrong one when I was leaving the random house. I ended up returning it later in the day but still a bit bizarre. So that’s what happened to me before our football games.

Primetime was playing a double header and we had a good amount of players with subs and all. Nobody, except for Jkash, was prepared for Tee Shirt time so that idea isn’t going to take off. The first team seemed like they were going to be good but I think we ended up winning by 2 scores. There wasn’t really too much of interest other than we won. The second game was against the Hill who is pretty much the team that plays every season in every single sport, so they were pretty experienced. They had a fluke TD at the end of halftime that hurt us and they ran good routes. They spread their girls wide and their one girl had great hands for a girl. Bottomline was they won by one score on the last drive of the game. Our defense didn’t come through as they marched down the field on the last drive. There were no amusing stories.

So after that Gusto and I started drinking and playing poker. I bought a Sam Adams variety pack and to anyone who likes beer, this is one of the best variety packs I’ve ever had. Seriously, Sam Adams as a brewer gets a 9 out of 10 and the only reason I don’t give it a 10 is because I don’t like giving out 10’s. Problem was they are usually higher alcohol contents and I probably had 9 or 10 in a 5 hour period and I was ready to pass out. I probably could have rallied but it wouldn’t have been good for anyone. So I have no good stories from last night but I feel fine now and will go to they gym once my laundry finishes up. Tanning is later. So passing our early does have it’s advantages. I feel good now and can do things during the day other than just sit there. I plan to read some more of my book and then write a few entries that I have been stirring up.

I’ll add one sports betting paragraph. Dooley was big on Pitt so I made a stand and put 131 dollars on the Panthers and they actually came through. Then I put 75 on the rangers at +122 and put 82 bucks on Iowa which hit too. So I went 3 for 3 and 4 for my last 4. Now that I’ve established myself as credible (yeah right…) I will give my picks for the day. I’m riding Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs at +5. I also think the Steelers at -14 is probably going to happen because Colt McCoy is going to learn what it’s like in the NFL against a top D.