Real talk for a minute, I never beat Tomb Raider. I remember the T-Rex chase but I think the game was too hard at the time. In high school you were either into Resident Evil 1 or Tomb Raider, it couldn’t be both. My goal was to finish off the Tyrant with the rocket launcher, on the Helipad, in under 3 hours. I don’t believe I ever did. I also hated finishing the game with Chris because of his goddamn 6 inventory slots. Why the fuck did Jill get 8? Back to Lara and the evolution of video games in a mere 18 years.

PongHow is it that we live in a time period where we were playing pong in the 70’s and a mere 50 years later we are advancing into a virtual reality? There were literally 0 video games for centuries of time and now it’s evolving at an insane pace. I personally stopped playing video games because I spent too much time as a youth and wanted to develop some other skills (of which I barely have). Either way, I thought this picture was telling and it gave me an opportunity to blog about video games which are the easiest for me to write about.

Best Comment About the Picture:
This is why I can’t ever finish Tomb Raider every time I start it up I end up jerking off


Was this supposed to be Lara Croft?
“My cock is lost in the jungle and it’s up to you to find it.”

For those who want some nostalgia.
My favorite part of this ending sequence was always the flare. I’d be charging through the halls, the alarms blasting, the zombies roaming, Tyrant roaring, the intensity rising, and then in the quiet outside, I set off the flare, and…PfffffFFFFFFFFFFF…the head trailing it and the crossed arm wait. Laughed every single time!