I’m sure my bowling life will lose the appeal but for now it’s here to stay. With 4 weeks left in our playoff push, I’ve been rolling better than ever and believe our team is set up perfect to hoist a championship. We’ve all been steadily improving and aside from this season, it will never happen like this again. We started as beginners to the league to set our average where as other teams were already established. This means we are constantly on the up-climb until eventually we hit our peak…which we haven’t yet.

This game was a bit of misnomer as I rolled 5 strikes on one lane and then switched to another due to mechanical failure, which has to be viewed as a disadvantage. The 4 in the 10th was a real bonehead roll which I’m not even sure how it happened but crazy shit occurs when you’re inexperienced in these higher scored arenas. Alex gets 0 points for creativity.
* Rob Kelley bowls the way I throw dice, back handed and awkward. He did man up to do a shot of Old Crow though which is never an easy task.