You should trust me when I write these lists. I’m WAY ahead of the game. Previous example, the song Unsteady by X Ambassadors, was mentioned on 7/14/15 and it was spun the most times on AltNation this past week. Ideally I’d make a post within a week of the song being released but I’ll use these posts to share some of the songs I’ve been listening to in the past month.
You’re Not There by Lukas Graham
lukasgrahamWhen I posted 7 Years by Lukas Graham it had 395k Youtube listens. Today it has over 30 million. Once the artist starts to become more famous predicting hits starts to become easier but I’ll throw it out there because it’s a good song. You’re Not There is sitting at 84k YouTube hits and even though I don’t think the song is as powerful as 7 years, it’s still quality. I personally like the line “You’re not there to celebrate the man that you made. You’re not there to share in my success and mistakes.” I have to imagine the song is about his parents.



Shovels and Dirt by The Strumbellas
shovelsanddirtSpirits is currently getting airplay so looking for another jam by the same group is wise. The pace of Shovels and Dirt will slow down its ascent but the song has a cool twang and the line “it ain’t worth livin’, if you don’t get hurt” makes an impact.



The Sound by 1975
The-1975-LP2-640x640I added this to my playlist on 1/26/16 so we are past brand new at this point but I don’t hear it getting much airplay. 2.8 million listens on Youtube also has me scratching my head on where it’s being played but I suppose the answer could be globally or else I’m never around when it’s being played on the radio. I initially thought their sound was cheesy and childish with the songs The City and Chocolate but I enjoy The Sound. I wouldn’t put this up there in terms of a meaningful song but it’s easy to listen to in a pop atmosphere.



I Need Never Get Old by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
nathaniel-rateliffNot a new song but far, far better than SOB. I assume it’s already getting radio playtime but you’ll want to listen to it if you have never heard it. What I find especially interesting is that the clip below is from 2013. I like the synth in the beginning on the recorded track more but that’s because I’m a synth guy. I also heard, I can’t remember where, but Rateliff has been releasing music since 2007 and for whatever reason it started to go mainstream.