Dunkin DrinksI was in Dunkin today and oversaw a Muslim woman’s smart phone text. She wrote to her friend,” S/O to these drinks because they get me 50 rewards points!” I’d guess S/O means shout out? Anyway, I can’t wrap my head around how this person’s beliefs align with Dunkin reward points.

Fatima Barktulla photographed, Wednesday, 03 November 2010.Ph: Rebecca ReidHer values are so strong that her face won’t see the light of day but Dunkin points light up her life. Here is the Muslim law – Wearing of the hijab was enforced by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan required women to cover not only their head but their face as well, because “the face of a woman is a source of corruption” for men not related to them.

37ff3010b14b8dec9843800f946991e5I understand following a religion by the book but I doubt the book has a section on smartphones because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be for them if your face is “a source of corruption.” I promise that the phone and its infinite wisdom has far more corruption than a face. The Koran hasn’t been updated to include these sins. It feels fake.