I always write when I steal directly from Reddit.

This is the 90’s kid I wanted to be:



This was the 90’s kid I was.


A few other great parts to this thread:

Christian Bale in the 80’s – Only a rebel would play videos games with his monitor off.



I wanted to be the kid that won this.

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I entered one of those in the mid/late 90s when I was about 14 I think. It was a little different, almost like a crossword. The puzzles get larger and more difficult but only slightly until you get to the last one. It was a huge full-page-size puzzle but it was completely blank with no word bank. The goal was to come up with your own words to fill it in and to use the “best” words to get the highest score. So I did what any 14 year old boy would do, nothing.

They said they would mail a list of winners no matter what… but it never came.

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