febcal7ff80666a3b46780bceaff000017edfdI decided to play some 1-2 NL on Saturday. The table wouldn’t fold to any of my bigger bets (and I never had it) and I dropped around $250 and decided that I was going to play in the 7:15pm, $100 buy in poker tournament. My tourney game is rusty but I still have decent fundamentals and know when to gamble. I also had been drinking since 4pm so my game was a bit wilder than usual. Here’s the recap as I remember it and I have a feeling it would be slightly different in actuality.

badshopOn the very first hand I got KQ and the flop game QJT and I lead out, hit an A on the turn and won a decent sized pot without showdown. The very next hand I get 8T and kept it running by turning a gutter that won another decent sized pot. The next level I had 39 and called a raise from a tight player and the flop came 39J. I busted his QQ. At that point in the tourney I wouldn’t have been surprised if I was top 5 in chips. Now one lousy part of getting this table image is people tend to think you never have it and you surprise them when you do. This brings me to the next hand where I had AJ and hit a flop that was J high with 2 hearts. The turn brought an Ace of hearts and I got it all in against a flush. I had a re-draw to the jack but missed. This put me back to right around average.

final-ten-clockTournaments are all about getting lucky and I called a short stack with AQ and beat his AK. Then my 44 out raced a A8 when he hit an A on the flop and I smacked a 4 on the river. I won another decent sized pot with QQ and went to the final table as a relative short stack. 7 cashed and with 8 left, the table wanted to give money to the bubble boy. I said there was no way I was doing it. I had an A2 beat a QT right on the bubble and that double up caused the entire table to be pissed off. The bubble burst and there was some chop stirring talk and I once again I said I had zero interest. I had about 40k with the blinds at 2.5k/5k and only one guy had a shorter stack than me. I wasn’t pressured into making a move but there was an open, then a 3 bet, and I saw AK and shipped it. I was called by AA and was basically drawing dead after the flop. I took my $387 dollars which barely made me even for the day and called it a night. I was drunk for the end and even though I was reasonably well behaved, the table did not like my antics. There’s always next time.