We have a bowling league that started up on Monday that is more official than the Manayunk league at Hi-Spots. You have to pay $10 to become a USBC member for the half year to allow you to play for the money involved. It’s sanctioned which allows the prize pool to take place. Last night was the 2nd week and I have already had a situation come up where the captain has to make a decision.

In Week 1, our entire team came into the league with 120 averages which is normal considering we have yet to bowl in the league. As such, we were all far better than 120 bowlers. This was the week 1 scoreboard.




When the standings came out, it says we were 3-1. In bowling leagues, you roll 3 games and the 4th game is total pins. All games are handicapped. Now considering we all entered with 120 averages, you can see by the picture that the other team was giving us 67 pins. There is about a 0% chance that we lost a game under these circumstances.

1-bowlingHere is where my moral issue comes in and I’m asking my blog audience what they would do. I can ask the league coordinator to see the scores of the games to see how we lost a game. It is possible that there is a justifiable reason we lost. This could be that they took our averages after we rolled and handicapped the game from there. It’s also possible that the game was so lopsided (which was no fault of our own but completely unfair coming in with a 120 average) that they gave a game to the opposing team because one of their members is the President of the league out of pity. Or I could say I don’t give a shit, it’s one game over the course of the season and it won’t matter in the long run. Plus if the game was handicapped accurately, it would have played out completely different because we would have been giving pins to start. I tend to not think it will make a difference but want to do right by the team. What should I do?

Would you fight for the win?

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