auntie050712notajerk_LargeWideLaura asked the group a question, “give a one word answer to describe what you are looking for out of the new year.”  Some answers were prosperous, adventurous, jubilee, and I gave the answer “filthy”.   Laura asks the question as a nice light hearted, fun game and I completely mock it with a ridiculous answer.  I’m positive I didn’t read that chapter in “how to win friends and influence people,” by mocking other people.

I had been drinking a bit which would lessen my filter but my impression of the question would have been the same sober or not.  Now if I was sober I might have bit my tongue and gave a forgettable answer for what I perceived a forgettable game. Instead, I make everyone involved denounce my answer as moronic because I take the less beaten path. The more I live, the more I understand that being different will create problems. For what it’s worth, Laura didn’t seem that insulted that I didn’t play along. We should also agree “filthy” isn’t even a good answer if I was trying to make a point.

honest-lMy brain doesn’t play well with others.  I’m not thinking of Laura’s feelings when I shit on her question. I do it strictly for my own selfish entertainment.  These small instances sit in my brain and I keep replaying them like why on Earth would I do that? Just play along, be nice, go with the flow, and you’ll never have to worry about confrontation or making people dislike you.