I have 5 posts in draft right now and don’t have the time to complete any of them. This will be a new theme from me.  I’m not going to rush posts.  I’m going to take my time and develop them without the urge to post for the sake of posting…like this post.

I will comment on Alex saying that my comment on the last post is the reason people don’t comment.  Laura has also made similar comments to me that she doesn’t comment because my responses to her comments can be snarky. Please understand that I’m well aware of this and thoughtfully consider if I’m being a dick in my comments before I write them.

To review my comment in the past post, all I was writing is that you were accurately correcting a mistake that I had in my post. It’s like when JC would use a word he didn’t know the right definition of, someone would correct him, and he’d say, “I was testing you to see if you picked that up.” Now, I’m not exactly sure how you were taking it but believe me when I tell you that shitting on people’s comments is the last thing I want to do.

Managing relationships through the computer can be challenging.  Here is another example of a time when I know I can be construed as being a dick.  I’ll share my thought process behind what I was doing because it doesn’t come across the computer.  The example is when I wrote that you should hit me with a 2×4, ala Tommy Boy, if I took Sam’s rationale for blogging. If I read that and I was Sam, I’d think, that’s a pretty dickhead thing to write. Why would he write that?

If you’d rather me write, “I understand that Sam has his own reasoning for why he has a blog and I totally respect that. I however don’t fully agree with it”, this would be a nicer way of writing that. From my perspective though, Sam is my brother who I’ll be painfully truthful to because we have a close relationship where I say what I feel without worrying about hurting his feelings as much as I would with other human beings. I enjoy joking around with Sam because I think he gets that I’m not seriously comparing my opinion on his blogging take with actually getting hit with a 2×4. Now if Sam went home and cried himself to sleep because my comment was too harsh in my disagreement, I’d reconsider how I went about what I said in our relationship and sugar coat what I have to say.  I can improve on this but than I wouldn’t be being the real me.  The bottom line is that I’m gleefully overjoyed that he maintains any blog at all because I like reading his thoughts on matters.

Writing through the internet is not easy.