h-bombSam’s good post about the Fermi Paradox can actually be referenced here which shows what happens when you make a good post. I’m not going to reiterate the points he made about the Fermi Paradox but one reason we may not see other intelligent life forms is because “Intelligent life can’t help but destroy itself.”

2 days ago, North Korea created a 5.1 magnitude earthquake from what they claim was a “hydrogen” bomb. What is a Hydrogen Bomb? by CNN is where I will pull tidbits to give you an idea of the differences between Hydrogen and Atomic bombs.

  • Atomic bombs use fission.  Hydrogen bombs use fusion.
  • The largest hydrogen bomb ever tested was by Russia in 1961.  It measured 50,000 kilotons.
  • In comparison, the atomic bombs used by the US on Japan measured 500 kilotons.  The 2 bombs killed more than 200,000 people.
  • North Korea is the only nation to have conducted nuclear tests in the 2000’s.

Scientist’s don’t believe that N. Korea tested a Hydrogen bomb because the blast was inconsistent with past results.


How Many Nations Have Nukes?

world-map-countries-with-largest-nuclear-weapons9 – USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and N. Korea

Who has the most? – Russia and the USA have about 7,000 warheads.   The other 8 nations combined have a little over 1,000.  North Korea has 6-8.

Would you have any idea that Russia and the US have this many?  When did this happen?  It’s like during the 60’s all these country’s did was produce nuclear weapons.  It sort of makes sense though because the US is all by itself and Russia is so big they can test anywhere without worrying much.  Having this many nuclear weapons must be making up for other deficiencies like a small penis.


Are We Scared of N. Korea?


I have never been this happy. If a submarine energizes him like this, think about what bombs do.

This is the question everyone should be asking and I for one should not be answering. To come full circle to the top of this point and human life blowing themselves up, yes, we should be scared.  Nuclear and hydrogen bombs come with severe consequences and human emotions get tested. If a nation gets blown up, the only retaliation is to blow the other side up with more destructive results.

North Korea poses the question, “you all have nuclear warheads, why shouldn’t we?” Fair question. The answer of your a fucking idiot and you’ll blow yourself up probably wouldn’t go over well. This isn’t saying other nations are so well grounded either, but Kim Jung seems particularly happy to have nuclear weapons for offense instead of defense. On the rare chance that N. Korea fires one of these at the US or anywhere else, the retaliation damage will be so severe you’ll have to use a spatula to get his remains off of the bottom of the ocean.  Good luck.