This is how I envision the conversation with Jeff Lurie and Chip Kelly.

The good old days.

The good old days.

JL: Bradford had the 28th worst QB rating this year (min 100 attempts) behind guys like Blaine Gabbert and rookie Jameis Winston.  Is he the best we can do?
CK: He’s elite
JL: What about our WR’s and losing our best the last two years? Maclin had the 19th most yards this season with Alex Smith, a guy who avoids throwing the ball downfield like the plague.  DeSean had 528 yards and 4 TD’s in 8 games.  I think we may lack talent to spread the field thus opening up our run game.
CK:  No.  Matthews, Agholor, and Riley are elite.
JL: Agholor only had 21 catches all season (the same as Riley Cooper).  Matthews had 943 yards and 261 came in the last 2 games which were essentially blow outs.  Remember that big catch he dropped against Carolina?  We are still talking about Riley?
CK:  They’re elite talent just waiting to explode.
JL:  What about the Shady for Kiko trade?  Shady was 6th in the NFL in yards and even missed 3 games.  Kiko had 34 tackles and 1 pick in 10 games.  Didn’t seem to work out that well for us.
CK:  Kiko’s elite.
JL:  DeMarco was a real bummer this year only averaging 45 yards a game.  What happened?
CK: He’s not elite.
JL: We’re finished here.


Shut up, Chip!

032516-ap-600-chip-kellyI want to chip in my opinion on this matter with absolutely no inside knowledge about the truth.

  1. Chip is stubborn and doesn’t play well with others.
  2. His “players” and “system” needed to develop.
  3. Ownership didn’t have the Sam Hinkie time frame to wait.
  4. Chip got fired for refusal to adapt to ownership’s viewpoints with the mindset that he knew what he was doing and wasn’t budging.
No longer bleeding green.

No longer bleeding green.

The Eagles are not a good football team talent wise. Chip Kelly is to blame for this.  Some stats:

  • The Eagles avg 22.8 points per game good for 16th in the league
  • The ran the 2nd most plays from scrimmage this year (1037) behind only the Texans
  • Their TO margin was -4, good for 22nd in the league
  • The D gave up 26.7 ppg good for 28th in the league
  • The D gave up 394.9 ypg which was 29th in the league
  • They were outscored 342-400

Another shitty year for another Philadelphia sports team.  Shocker.