Add-subheadingJust using the word heroin garners attention.  HBO had a documentary on heroin addicts and I watched their struggle for 70 minutes.  2 of the 8 stories didn’t even make it through the documentary which was pretty sad.

There were 1,250+ deaths due to overdose from opiates last year in Massachusetts alone.  Cape Cod was highlighted in this documentary to show that this happens in affluent, white areas as well as lower income places.  Some stories started from car accidents which left the people damaged and put on painkillers, then moved to heroin.  Although each story had its own flavor, each person found themselves being called back to the drug over and over.

[dropcap background=”yes”]Oh, what a nice drug.[/dropcap]



ows_145098226394580This girl was especially tragic.  When she was going through her story I figured she was 30+, but it turned out she was 23.   She rationalized why she stripped or (didn’t) steal in bizarre fashion.  Just a lost soul who desperately needed help but there was no one there.  Her explanation of how everyone abandons you was sad.

1216_danOne of the worst stories for me was a guy named Daniel who not only ruined his life, but those around him. From what I could tell, hardly anyone had jobs and would deal to maintain their habit.  Daniel in particular would deal just to get himself and people around him high.  A repeating story from these addicts was going to detox and then relapsing.

As I watched, I felt myself thinking how lucky I was to not have to deal with what these people were going through.  There were stuck in a black hole with little escape.  It’s easy to see the drug encompassing their brain and life.  You’d like to think that all they have to do is stop taking it but it’s not that simple.  This video which I’ve embedded before is a great explanation.  I strongly suggest you watch it.