As of 12:00am Thursday, the Beatles can be streamed. They have been added to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play,and Amazon Prime. What impact does this have?

Stream Your Music!

Image: The Beatles pictured on 6th September 1963

Your fans are happy as well.

I’m deleting every MP3 from my hard drive. I can’t think of reasons to have them except when I’m low on data which is rare.  I use Sirius when I’m in my car so I understand that traveling could be an argument to why you shouldn’t delete them. I look at MP3’s as hoarding.  You don’t want to get rid of them because you think at some point in time you’ll need them.  You won’t.

With the Beatles finally making the move, there just aren’t a lot of songs that you don’t have available to stream.  You pay $15 dollars a month, you can stream music from your phone to your wireless speaker, and you are a database of music that has never been felt before.  You have access to new songs on the day of their release.  There is no waiting to get the new CD. You have music at your fingertips.

So lame.

So lame.

Of course you have cunt-inued artists like Adele and Taylor Swift who don’t want to play the game but they are the rare case.  Streaming music is the only growing source of music.  The music industry works like this. You become popular by streaming, make a little money as people play your songs, then make bigger money performing live.  Eliminate the idea that album sales are going to be your main source of revenue.  Fuck paying .99 per download.  Here’s the financial breakdown of industry revenue:

Physical – In 2004 revenue was $12 billion from CD sales.  It has since declined to $2.3 billion in 2015.  Who still buys CD’s?
Streaming – Streaming has grown to $1.9 billion in 2015 and continues to grow.
Digital Downloads – Have averaged around $2 billion for the past 7 years but will decline rapidly once people realize they are retarded for paying for songs and albums.

8c2622e70133d2e80b00e81b353c908657d5e7f6Streaming is the only source that is growing.  Did you know Spotify paid Led Zeppelin millions for the exclusive rights?  Why do you think they are doing this?  Duh.  Recurring revenue is the best way to build a business and you need the most popular artists to bring in new subscribers.  Spotify is up to 20 million paying subscribers and 80 million free users.  That’s 80 million people who are listening to ads which is by far the dumbest waste of time when you consider it is $15 dollars a month.  GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

As a Beatles fan, I’m happy that they have opened up their catalog.  They are one of the world’s greatest bands and now I can listen to songs I never knew existed without spending hundreds of dollars on CD’s. Merry Christmas from The Beatles.