How good are ODB and Lake Norman (I pray that nickname doesn’t stick)? Odell Beckham Jr. carries a ProFootballFocus WR Grade of 94. Only A. Brown, J. Jones, A. Jeffrey, and L. Fitzgerald are higher. Jeffrey and Fitz don’t belong in the conversation. ODB is next level.
Josh Norman holds a DB Grade of 89 and only Jason Verrett is higher. He was the #1 coming in but due to some erratic play vs the Giants, he dipped to 2. He’s emerging as the best corner on the best team in the league.


Current State of Affairs?

odell-beckham-cheap-shot-on-josh-normanOnce again, people are idiots.  Most simpletons are throwing their hands up and screaming how ODB was out of line for his flying head butt and personal foul calls.  Of course the bigger point is missed because most people don’t really watch football. They just want some water cooler talk about how ODB is a thug and his behavior is out of line.  If you do watch football, you watched was the best individual match up, and the best game, of the entire season after 14 weeks.  I’m ranking this the #1 game of about 225 games played this season.

I’ll share the key match up stats for those interested (profootballfocus):

  • Beckham was thrown at nine times overall (seven with Norman in coverage), catching six of them (four vs. Norman) for 76 yards (30), a TD (one) and two drops (two).
  • Coming into the game, Beckham — the man known for one-handed and other highlight-reel catches — had just two drops on the season, and four in his entire NFL career.  He had two in Sunday’s game alone, including that early one that should have been a deep score, and was visibly allowing his frustration with Norman to boil over throughout the game.
  • ODB was the lowest graded receiver this week with a -5.5.


What I Care About


This happened on the 5th play from scrimmage.

This was Zeus vs God. These players didn’t give an inch and ODB is taking heat for what is competitive football.  Josh Norman was no angel through all this and ODB did what the best do, compete.  Sure it was ridiculous but this game is ridiculous.  Can we count how many injuries there have been this season?  This isn’t baseball.

How about this quote from Sheldon Richardon of the Jets:

Not a pussy.

Not a pussy.

“They both were going at each other,” Richardson told NJ Advance Media. “It’s football, man. That’s one thing I can’t stand about it now. People still want us to be like guys in suits, but we’ve got helmets on. Some games get a little more physical. A guy might be putting clamps on you, and he might be getting in your head a little bit.

“[Beckham] took a cheap shot. He did. But a game suspension, I think that’s a little overboard. Media drives it, so it feels like Roger Goodell will have to do something about it. That’s just how this league is now. Basically, if the media writes a bad report about you, I guess the NFL looks at you a different way.”


Don’t Fuck With ODB

fightobj.0The retaliation is incredible.  You can’t see in this gif but there was 3:11 in the 3rd quarter and the score was 35-7 when this happened.  By the end, the game was tied 35-35. This was an incredible comeback spurred on by this emotional momentum created by this battle.  The 4th quarter was easily the most entertaining anything the NFL has produced this year.  KICK HIM OUT OF THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   LOLOLOLOLOL.  Roger Goodell probably issued orders to make sure he stays in it. Plus the idiots who said Tom Coughlin should have sat him? He wants to get to the playoffs. You know that important place at the end of the season where you don’t sit your best player.


What happened to Norman?

I obviously care very little about Cam Newton, who beat me in 2 fantasy playoffs as he threw 5 TD’s, and drove his team down the field for the game winning FG to make mince meat of the Giants comeback.  I actually like Cam and he is the MVP of this season and there are no other options.  If Brady wins, racism.  The outcome of the game was an after thought though to ODB’s antics and punishment was necessary.

Oh ,darn...another dropped pass.  I'll get em next time

Oh ,darn…another dropped pass. I’ll get em next time

So ODB gets suspended for one game for letting the nature of competition get the best of him and putting on the performance of the year. Do you think the Eagles might be able to benefit from a player who cared that much about the game? I wish we had a player who wanted to win as much as ODB. That’s why I love guy’s like him. The guys who care the most, have the chance to be the best and there’s no point in liking losers.