giphy-facebook_sIf everyday was like the one I experienced yesterday, I would not have much fun.  This is coming from having a lot of fun so I suspect it’s the ups and downs associated with life.  If you have a ton of fun, there’s a good chance you experience a let down.  Monday was my let down.

This weekend I did a bar crawl in Manayunk and went to the Eagles game on Sunday.  It was also the biggest week of the year in fantasy football which if you can’t guess by my tone, didn’t end well.  I’ve come to hate weekend recaps of my own experiences so I’ll touch lightly on the bar crawl.

No hands bar.

No hands bar.

We started at 3pm and visited 12 bars of Manayunk.  Each bar would have its own rule like you can’t use your left hand, you have to repeat the last word of every sentence, and your hands were zipped tied to give an idea.  It was a lot of fun but going on a bar crawl of this nature has consequences the next day.

I was woozy from the bar crawl but still made my way to Evan’s for the games on Sunday where I watched ODB put on a show.  I’ll most likely chip in on this on another post.  The bottom line is the games went terrible for me.  In my previous post I wrote how going against the same players would be good, it turned out that the opposite happened as Cam and AB destroyed any inklings of hope I had in 2 leagues.  I even lost one last night when Brandin Cooks didn’t outscore Golden Tate by 8 and my bet didn’t cover.  It was just one of those days.

I’m well aware this post sucks but I wanted to get something down because I haven’t posted in a while.  Normal posting should resume shortly.