Read this ridiculous find about Wine = Exercise


Jason Dyck

Jason Dyck, real last name, from the University of Alberta in Canada, is researching whether resveratrol is equivalent to exercise.  He tested this on rats and came to the conclusion that it could.

I’m starting to hate this planet.

Has this poindexter ever been to a bar?  This study is comparing one glass of wine (which no one does), instead of binge drinking, but the findings are legitimately comparing drinking wine to exercising.  As much as I think Jason Dyck is a moron, the people funding him have to be even dumber.

franzia-redAm I being completely close minded to Mr. Dyck’s findings?  Absolutely.  Why?  It’s because the work put into exercising for an hour vs the work put into drinking one glass of wine can’t possibly be equal.  EVER.  Yesterday I spent 28 minutes running on a treadmill.  I couldn’t even do an hour.  However if I go today, I may be able to do 30 minutes.  I may gradually be able to get to an hour if I try hard.  Do you seriously think that I’d be able to do an hour if I stopped exercising entirely and just drank a glass of wine every day?  Where do these activities correlate?  Plus your testing is on rats.  Rats don’t exercise the way humans exercise.  The whole idea behind this is beyond me.

My conclusion is this guy probably hit a civilian in dark, while driving after drinking some wine, and is using this research to explain how good drinking wine is for you.  Have you not seen Fargo, bro?  You won’t get away with it.