Everyone knows the internet never forgets and I deleted this comment, but still would like to share my thought process on it.



1) I don’t think the sweater that Weens is wearing is ugly. I have one that’s almost identical.  My fashion sense is limited though.  I wore a Guinness sweat-shirt to a birthday party last week and Lauren McGrath said, “jesus, Tom, dress up a bit.” Coming from her I laughed.  I’m never best dressed though.

How to deal with Facebook Bullying

How to deal with Facebook Bullying

2) People on Facebook who see this comment have no idea that I don’t really care what Jordan’s sweater looks like. This makes me a jerk because I’m putting a sweater on blast in order to make a joke.

3) No one is going to laugh at this joke.  I personally found it funny for about a half a second but the Facebook crowd doesn’t have a sense of humor.  PC would tell me how much an A-hole I am and start creating groups like “Jordan’s awesome sweater.”  This is why the internet has become a sad place because my best course of action is to do nothing at all.


Is there anything wrong with comments like this?

diy-ugly-Christmas-sweater-ideas-14I’d say yes.  When I posted it, I knew it wasn’t right.  It’s like an instinct saying, “you shouldn’t be doing this.”  Especially because if Jordan wanted to internet fight, all he had to do was say how much of a pussy I am for passing out in the middle of the party and taking up an entire couch while there were 20 people in an apartment.  I’m certainly not one to be making fun of others.

Just a quick note, on Saturday I had my first few drinks at 3pm and didn’t eat a full dinner which is my own fault.  This lead to an early KO.  Not eating is 99% of the problem.  As I think back to the night, it’s like a few screen shots instead of a video.