McKayla Maroney

My prediction is she will be the next Amanda Bynes.  She is out of the spotlight since her silver medal and she needs the attention.  She got a boob job (I refuse to believe otherwise) and is now posting provocative pokie pictures where she is “unintentionally” pulling her shirt tighter so her shit looks better.  She’s 20 now so she knows exactly what she is doing but I can’t figure out why she is doing it as it just makes her come across as attention starved.



Sam Hinkie
samThe Sixers have had 2, 41 win seasons in the last decade. Every other year has been a losing season and this is Hinkie’s 3rd year with a a team that is on pace to win 4 games. I doubt they get there.  I flat out think he has no clue what he’s doing.  His vision of losing games to get high draft picks is falling flat on it’s face for one reason, HE ISN’T DRAFTING GOOD PLAYERS.  MCW was a good pick as he won rookie of the year and then got shipped off for another pick.

I can’t see where the Sixers are going to get better.  Okafor and Nerlens are decent players but that is the only NBA talent the team has currently.  “Hinkie stole Stauskas” LOLOLOLOLOL.  He’s shooting 34% from the floor, 28% from behind the arc, and averages about 2 rebounds and 2 assists a game.

sixersPeople talk about Embiid like he’s a gift from god.  He may never play a game and if he does he fits with the 2 other 7 footers like oil and vinegar.  People say Saric is going to be good…he averages 11.9 pts in 20 minutes of action in Euro league.  He does seem to be a great shooter as he’s 50% from 3 and 89% foul shooter over 11 games. How is this team going to win games?  A monkey could have picked Okafor and Nerlens.  What’s Hinkie’s time frame for the disgrace he created?  When will he bring in veterans to lead a team of young, average, talent.


LeSean & DeMarco

It’s important for RB’s to have a Le or De in front of their names as well as other 2 letter combination (JaMaal, LeVeon).  Why don’t these guys just shut up? I can’t say it better than Herm in the clip below. I really respect when people get animated to prove their point they are passionate about.

Players today don’t understand that it takes a team effort to win football games. What LeSean and DeMarco are doing is causing distractions. Teams with distractions rarely play better. These guys keep thinking about themselves instead of the team.  That’s what losers do.  Chip is partly to blame for this as well.