When I read this comic, I shook my head and agreed with its message.

beaverageFast forward to comments people left and I understand other perspectives on this.

  • For some, the things that character is shown doing are exactly what they want out of life. There’s no need to belittle those life choices to make a greater point.
    The message shouldn’t be, “don’t work 40 hours a week and get a mortgage,” it should be, “be honest about what you want and pursue it fervently, regardless of how mundane a dime-a-dozen internet illustrator thinks it is.”
  • My father worked hard, provided a good roof over our heads, and made sure he was involved in our lives and we all went to college. He never got to write the novel, or be the ski instructor, or be on Ophrah. But he has kids who love him, grand kids in his life, and a nice house that is full of love. And he can look at his good relationship with his wife and kids, and realize that career stability helped a lot with that.  
  • This old canard.

    “Be a flighty nobody who travels until they are 30 and studies a passion, not a skill. Then when all your peers have enough money and stability to handwave problems away and take exciting vacations and language classes and all sorts of cool stuff, tremble in fear every time rent comes due. On your death bed, realize that what you did because of an internet comic is also remarkably average, and that no one cares or is impressed, including you.”

    The boomers are full of moronic advice for Millenials, but you can go too far the other way too. ‘Check off boxes’… like a bucket list?

    The guy who wrote this is just as dazed and confused and bored as everyone else their age.

  • Don’t take a safe, relaxing vacation. Be a non-conformist and take your family somewhere really dangerous!

My Opinion

ways-to-live-a-happy-life6-500x300People miss the point of a comic like this.  It’s drawing attention to a standard life.  It’s not saying whether it’s right or wrong.  It’s pointing out that there are other ways to go through life than the way you are told to do it.  For some people it’s fine.  Others look at life differently and I like this comic’s approach.