I don’t feel like spending the time to come up with an idea for a post so I’m going to use a bullet point list of some thoughts.  Bullet points are one of the strongest means of writing because they don’t carry commitment to the reader.  If you see a page that has 4 long paragraphs on it, it may not interest you as much as one bullet point knowing that if the first bullet point sucks, you don’t have to read anymore.  It makes a difference.

  • Act like this isn't a photo shoot.

    Act like this isn’t a photo shoot.

    How about Gourlay coming out of the woodwork and commenting on my last post.  I honestly don’t even know what his comment means.  I put up a shittier version of the mural at first and decided that it was a poor effort and improved it a little.  Gourlay, who must check the blog frequently or pays attention to Twitter too much, was right on top of the change.  Gourlay is one of the more disappointing people in my opinion.  I write that with the best intentions and it has no malicious connotation.  It’s like, “Hey Gourlay, you’re more talented than both Sam and I and people would actually like to read your views on just about anything.”  Yet here I am slaving away with new themes and horrible posts while talent just sits on the sideline commenting as he pleases.

  • I'm underneath her.

    The gif mentioned below.

    The next funny topic that surrounds this blog, and I’m going to write that if I had to guess about 16 people are going to read this next sentence,  the post about boobs below received a total of 2 votes on the poll and I was 2 of them.  Which means, that out of the 16 people who actually read this, none of them were willing to share their opinion on boobs.  I suppose this is because PC principal would not be happy.  Here’s the thing, I know it’s a good post.  I picked the best looking girls with the best boobs and cataloging that is not a poor post.  Most likely if the page ever gets indexed by Google it will receive dozens of views.

  • statsSite stats – You can see the illustrious career of my blogging in the picture to the right.  At the blog’s high point, 2,297 people visited this site.  Hugelol sent me a 1400 people when they posted my link to a Katy Perry gif.  You’ll notice the link received 11 points and the post was titled above average and the gif named appropriately.  Today, the blog will receive about 130 people of which I mentioned 16 is the number who read it.  One part I do know though is that I’d rather have 16 good hearted people who will read my blog vs 2297 people who never knew I existed.
  • This post was an experiment.  I look back at my old posts and the bottom line is they stink.  I’ve come a long way blogging for 6+ years that in my humble opinion, this blog has evolved drastically.  There is no where to look but up.