On the Chinese: “Still sticking with the chopsticks?” – Jerry Seinfeld

screen-shot-2015-06-08-at-11-14-09-amJerry Seinfeld did an interview with Howard Stern in ’13 that I suggest listening / watching if you enjoy Jerry.  I was blown away at how grounded Jerry is.  If you’ve listened to Howard for many years, you know that he’s gone to therapy 3 times a week for who knows how many years.  Jerry is the complete opposite of Howard with regard to psychology and you can tell the difference once you listen to him for an hour and half.

It’s important to pay attention to people of Jerry’s magnitude.  Listening to what they care about and how they live their life gives keys to successful people.  You can hear his determination with just about every sentence he says.  He’s always working.  He even says, “what else am I supposed to be doing?”  This is what connected for me because I ask that question often.  Perfecting his craft is what he is made to do.

s3e6_posterJerry shares praise with other comedians and his respect for the business is admirable.  He gets it.  He makes Howard seem like a neurotic nut which is humorous because Howard points our that Jerry always working is neurotic.  This isn’t taking any part away from Howard either because to conduct an interview for an hour an half with no boring pauses or lack of material is extremely difficult and he is a master.

adele_2013-650-430dI bring this to a town hall I heard with Adele and once again I listened carefully because she’s 25 and has sold the most albums this year in 3 days.  This is not a feat of some lucky schlub.  What I took from her was to always be yourself which is sort of a cheesy answer but I get it.  Not letting record company’s direct your music is why she comes off as so honest and natural.  I could also tell she wasn’t completely self absorbed when a fan would ask her a question, more often than not she posed the question right back.   It also helps when you surround yourself with talent which she has.

In order to get ahead in life (which is an odd way to look at life), people share the same characteristics.  Hard work.  Honesty.  Appreciation and learning from others.  I could probably go on but each person will take out varying ideas from these people.  Jerry also says, “if your only about the money, it will only take you so far.”