guernica3Picasso’s “Guernica” is one of history’s most famous anti-war paintings. It’s black and white depiction of people and animals suffering in the wake of a bombing has moved folks since its creation in 1937. Allegedly, while living in Nazi-occupied Paris, a German soldier saw “Guernica” in the painter’s studio and asked, “Did you do this?” Picasso replied, “No, you did it!” (great recap – better than mine)

An episode without Peggy and Ed is just not Fargo. Even though I complain about them, for whatever reason they seem to make the wheels of the bus go round and round. No matter, Mike Milligan was there to steal the show as always.

undertakerLet’s just start with this. You’re named the Undertaker and you last all of about 3 minutes into the show. Everyone wants to know why you’re the Undertaker and that’s what happens when you say, “where’s the eggplant that keeps shitting the bed?”  Saving the most climatic moments for the last 3 minutes of the show is always exciting.  The call to Mike was obviously from Ed but I was a bit confused because it seemed like Ed was calling the Gerhardt’s during the episode to tell Bear he has Dodd, which I can’t quite gather how that happened.  There was news of an Indian tracking a couple and I’m not sure where Dodd being captured fell into that.

20151123_232723Why did it take Bear 2 minutes to walk Simone to a remote area?  I get it Fargo, she didn’t have to walk through miles of woods for me to understand no one was around.  No gun ever went off but it’s most likely the last we see of Simone.  She had it coming.  Bear is easily flying up as top actor on the show.

I was quite disappointed to see Otto go.  It wasn’t clear during the fire fight in the last episode, but he was just chilling on the stoop, so I guess he bit it. What doesn’t make sense is the guys from Buffalo showed up to fend them off.  What?  Floyd, Simone, a bunch of kids, and a house keeper were really putting up a fight when at the exact time some randos from Buffalo show up.  Ok then.

20151123_232631Lou is becoming one of the best characters.  He’s not taking any gruff any more and is becoming more of a bad ass every episode.  I’m not in love with the parts with Betsy but whatever the show feels it needs to do to provoke some emotion.

I can’t quite predict where the show is going from here which I obviously like.  I guess we’ll wait until next week.