m4a1It was Friday afternoon and Alex invited me to the shooting range.  I’ve never fired a weapon before and thought that it was an activity that I should have at least experienced once.

I had no idea what to expect.  I envisioned individual booths with bullet proof glass surrounding it so everyone was safe.  Not exactly.

shooting-rangeWhen I met Alex and his buddies I wouldn’t say I was nervous but I also wasn’t completely calm.  They ask if you’ve ever shot a weapon in which I sheepishly said I hadn’t.  The guide said that an instructor has to go over some instructions before you fire it.  He said to never put your finger on the trigger unless you are prepared to shoot.  Never point the gun in a direction you shouldn’t.  He also said if you do that, he fires back.  Guns make a situation real.

He went through the motions of loading the weapon and set it up for me.  When all was ready, he said to fire.  I aimed the laser sight on the board and pulled the trigger.  What a feeling.  Firing a weapon that has such lethal power is empowering.  You can’t truly understand the damage a bullet would do to you without firing it.

We took turns firing his assault rifle and hand gun and it’s not an activity that you are immediately good at.  As you can tell from my shooting…


Shooting gives an understanding of what it’s like to be in legitimate danger. I was a little bit nerved that anyone in the shooting range can turn a weapon and fire away. I know my friends aren’t going to do anything crazy but how do I know that older gentlemen 3 booths down isn’t some nut case. As much as I thought it was cool firing a weapon, I don’t see it becoming an activity I will do on the reg.