DraftKingsI downloaded my Draftkings History to get a better idea of how much I’ve lost.  I also think I put together solid squads in the Million and keep getting screwed out of more money.

Start date: 7/16/2015

#of Entries: 47 (36 NFL, 9 PGA, 1 MLB, 1 NBA)

Entry Fees: $835

Winnings: $419

Net Loss: $416


I’ve played 18 NFL Millionaire makers which are the biggest tournaments available on Draftkings.  My average score for the 18 contests is 153.49.  My high being 207.68 and low 99.12.   The most money I’ve ever won is $30.00 on any single entry and highest place being 12,654.   I’ve lost exactly $155 from these tournaments.

The average participants has been decreasing with every passing week.  The first week had 520,448 players.  Last week’s was 322,236.  The total prize pool has moved from 10 million to 6 million. This is not what you want to see as a “growth” company.

126716-125658Unfortunately the professionals have taken the fun out of the game.  I’m not sure what the maximum amount of entries it is per person but it obviously is killing the flow to the normal player.  I’m fairly knowledgeable about football but to crack the top 10k and actually make significant money is proving challenging.