vJGeJIt was slightly raining today and I’ve had my car over 3 years without changing the windshield wiper blades. Instead of clearing the water from the windshield, the wiping process just leaves smears all over the windshield. It’s extremely aggravating because it’s hard to see clearly.

Today I finally said enough is enough and purchased them online.  I typed this and it brought up this.


from-the-practical-source-becca-christensenYou can see I clicked on the first site and bought the wipers. They totaled $50 dollars with $8 shipping. The ones in Google Shopping say $4.69 & $7.95 dollars. I didn’t care about saving money. These wiper blades are worth about $200 dollars to me. When you actually need a product, money does not matter. Plus I don’t want cheap wiper blades. I want the official wiper blades for my car. Some people may disagree with this but the time I would have to spend to save a few extra dollars is not worth it.