Tyson’s Corner is not a corner.  It’s a giant clusterfuck of human activity that no human being wants to enter.  It took me 10 minutes to drive .7 miles.  There are some positives though because it’s at the forefront of “fashion” considering the road leading in is Fashion Drive (it’s very self aware).  I was told that King’s come from foreign lands to spend money.  Fortunately for you, I snapped some shots of the experience.

This is what the parking lot counter looks like.  It tells you how many spots are available.


How does it know? There are sensors that show the open spaces. This was the first time I’ve ever seen this so I thought I had to pay. I was very confused.

This is the Microsoft store which looks eerily similar to the Apple store.


The Tesla store is first class.


I took this picture specifically so I could write that this must be a very small market.

The Galleria is actually the rich mall and you’ll see stores that cannot be pronounced.



I’m pretty sure this was a vault of gold.