I know Alex will appreciate this post and that’s good enough for me.


Dodd and Charlie shooting.

Episode 4 of Fargo was not as intense as prior episodes. Like always though, there are great lines and scenes to enjoy. The opening scene with Otto and Dodd was pretty badass and just confirms Dodd’s take no shit upbringing. He’ll be one to watch out for in future episodes. He also produced my favorite line when talking to Bear’s son Charlie – “Ok, Wild Bill, how’s this work.” Charlie proceeds to shoot all the bullets failing to address the reloading aspect in the heat of battle. I was equally amused when Charlie was punching the henchmen with one arm and ordered an old fashioned doughnut.


Hanzi noticing the bleach smell.

Hanzi is a modern day Indian tracker who rarely speaks and is a character you can’t take your eyes off of because he’s capable of who the hell knows what.   I enjoyed him walking, instead of panicking, when the Lou arrived at the house.

My main man Mike Milligan (how’s that for an alliteration) had a pretty decent scene with Dodd’s daughter.  By far the best part –

“You surprised me there at the end, your finger.”

“You like that?”

“Didn’t say I liked it, I said you surprised me”

OttoandMikeHe’s cool as a cucumber as always, especially in the scene with Otto.  Blocking the car in was smooth and the silent assassins are growing on me a bit.  How they were both playing solitaire in the hotel room was a riot.  Back to that Otto scene, I’m an Otto fan.  I want him to snap out of it and start leading the Gerhardt’s to war.


Peggy and Ed being morons.

The most boring characters are Kirsten Dunst-cap and Todd from Breaking Bad.  Peggy and Ed seem to accomplish the least and get the most amount of screen time.  Although vital to the story, I find myself checking out when they talk.  I did particularly like the scene with Lou telling them to turn themselves in.  I wanted to shake the shit out of Peggy and tell her to stop being a dumb bitch while simultaneously kicking Ed and telling him to confess.  They’ll get theirs.