Simple service, abnormal experience.  I have a usual barber, Gerry from Mario’s, who always cuts my hair.  Problem is he’s back where my parents live and I didn’t feel like driving out there.  So I decided to get it local.  I only have had one local experience with getting my hair cut.  I went into this mom and pop barber and a 70 year old man with a ridiculous comb-over did a subpar job.  He only used scissors the entire time.  The person who used to cut my hair the best was in Pittsburgh and he would use the razor for 90 percent of the time.  He used to cut hair for the Navy and that was probably the reason overuse of the razor.  Plus he had all these skin mags lying around which made it a real man’s barber shop.

Anyway back to the present.  I see the Barber symbol, the parlor sign with rotating red, white, and blue lines on Ridge Ave.  Why not, let’s give it a try.  I open the door and then there is another front doorish door.  This is odd but ok let’s see what’s behind door# 2.  I open it up and there are 2 bros and chick and I can tell that this is not my ordinary barber shop.  The guys both look like Guy Fieri, the chef from the TGIF commercials with the blonde, spiky, gelled hair.  Plus as I walk in one bro is telling a story and I can tell he’s a fruit.  Then the head guy starts talking queerish, telling me a lot of people just walk in looking for a regular hair cut (yeah right).  So i’m like what the fuck lets just do this.  So he sets me up with a woman in her 30’s-40’s probably, Chrissy.  Chrissy asks me “What do I want to DO with my hair” implying that I must want some fresh style.  I don’t know any hair styles plus I don’t DO anything with my hair.  I just give her my usual haircut, #2 blade on the sides and make the top shorter.  So she’s goes to work .  I get the feeling she doesn’t cut a lot of straight guys hair.  She starts by using the razor and gives me a mushroom cut that was popular in the mid 90’s.  I don’t say anything hoping it’s going to get better.  We literally sat in silence for the full 20 minutes she spent cutting it.  It wasn’t as awkward as I expected and every time she hunched over in front of me I got a peek of her rack.  She finished up by putting some sticky spray in my hair which I would never use.  The bro says something like “Wow Chrissy that’s a great haircut.”   You be the judge.


It was 15 bucks and I gave her a 20 for not fucking it up so bad.  She gave me a card for 25% off my next visit but we’ll see.