You're a snake, you asshole.

This is Ethan Haskell who used the private info.  You’re a snake.

The big story out now is that a mid-level employee of DraftKings placed for 350k in a FanDuel tourney in Week 3.  Things get interesting when it’s leaked that this employee had prior knowledge of player ownership % prior to the tournament starting.  For those who don’t participate in DFS, this matters because us laymen don’t get this info until the contest starts.   Why does this matter?

This week, 49% of people in the DraftKings Millon used Karlos Williams and only 16% chose Devontae Freeman.  If you knew this info ahead of time, you’d probably be more apt to fade Karlos and pick Devontae.  The idea being that you don’t want the same players that everyone else has because you tend to fall further into the pack.  Differentiating your lineup helps tremendously.

Integrity is Questioned

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

Csuram88 placed in the Top 25 in Week 4. He had 250+ entries in the million.

When gambling is involved, people look to cheat.  This scenario is far worse because it’s actually the house that’s cheating the players.  Not directly but the checks and balances involved for this growing industry are not satisfactory when their employees are using private information for their own personal benefit.  The players are outraged because the sites are already cleaning house that the least they can expect is a fair game and that’s not what they are getting.

Who Cares?

Info from the NYTimes

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

We hate you and your reaction from all the commercials.

Eilers Research, which studies the industry, estimates that daily games will generate around $2.6 billion in entry fees this year and grow 41 percent annually, reaching $14.4 billion in 2020. So high are the potential financial rewards that DraftKings and FanDuel have found eager partners in N.F.L. teams, even as league executives remain staunch opponents of sports betting.

Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert K. Kraft of the New England Patriots have stakes in DraftKings, which recently struck a three-year deal with the N.F.L. to become a partner of the league’s International Series in Britain, where sports betting is legal. In addition, DraftKings has tapped hundreds of millions of dollars from Fox Sports, and FanDuel has raised similar amounts from investors like Comcast, NBC and KKR.


It doesn’t feel right.  Not only are the lowly players playing against DraftKing Pros who submit hundreds of entries, but also against employees of rival sites.  What’s weirder is the actual NFL teams have rooting interest in the success of these sites!  The fucking fuck!  This has to compromise some aspect of this “fair” contest.  Oh, Jerry’s personal assistant heard that Christine Michael is going to get all the touches this week and inserted him in his lineup.  Where does it end?

This doesn’t actually effect me because my wagers are minuscule compared to others but I no longer think the playing field of this industry is even.  When I go to a casino, I understand my odds aren’t 50-50.  When I pay DraftKings their fee, I expect to have a fair game.  That is not happening until regulation steps in and corrals these assholes.