I knew all this talk about cash and Venmo would lead somewhere. It’s a sensitive topic that there is no good answer to. Fortunately I was able to figure out a solution to a universal problem that last night presented.

Restaurant_e-menuSo after all of the cash talk, I actually ran out of cash. I entered the night with $60 bucks and spent it promptly which left me with bills that I had to figure out. Naturally I went to an ATM and solved the issue (at a cash only bar which seem to be prevalent nowadays) but it made me think of what is actually needed to solve this issue. The word “sync” as coined by Sean (brilliant line by me) is the answer.

What needs to happen is your phone needs to sync to your order / bill. You can actually order from your phone and get an individual bill. The way the Uber handles payments needs to happen with the food industry. This way you don’t have to worry about tip or cash and it is all billed to the profile you set up. Restaurants should be required to create an E-menu to order off of and your phone to sync to. Why has this not happened?