Pope Francis 2Pope John Francis is visiting the United States and is coming to Philadelphia starting on Friday. As someone ignorant to religion, I have to ask, what’s the big deal?

I know practically nothing about the Pope. If you asked where he was from I’d say the Vatican. If you asked where is that I’d guess somewhere in Italy (closer to Rome after Googling). What do I know about John Francis? Absolutely nothing. Do I have any desire to see him? Negative desire.

After more Googling to write this post, John Francis is a more laid back pope than previous Pope’s and has empathy for poor people. His less stringent morals on Catholicism bother die hard Catholics who feel he should respect prior ideals.  His visit marks the 4th time a Pope has visited the States and our city is expecting 1 million people.  Head for the hills.

Where does Schindler’s List come in?

22_top25greatestvillainsIt doesn’t.  I watched it and it’s probably my favorite movie of all time.  The premise of one man saving 1,100 is more powerful than 99% of the movies about bullshit and stupid ideas.  Liam Neeson’s acting is phenomenal and the real star is Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth who is quite intelligent with a heinous mindset.  Brings tears to my eyes every time.

Now if I had to choose between worshiping the  Pope (a guy who previously worked as a bouncer), or a man who put his life on the line to save 1,100 people during a period of time where it was unheard of for a German to stand up for Jews, I think I’d choose Oskar Schindler.

There is no real reason for joining these two events together other than to say watch Schindler’s List if you haven’t.  It’s from 1993 and will make you appreciate life.  It will deliver a stronger message to you than watching the Pope from a Jumbotron 1,600 meters away.