sick-in-the-headI’m reading a book of interviews by Judd Apatow and there was a part where Harold Ramis says that he did an exercise of describing himself to the person across from him in 2 minutes.  As he started the exercise he found the person he starting describing wasn’t him.  Then he did it with another person and was still missing the mark.  I just tried it a minute ago and found it was harder than expected.  I’ve given this some thought (much more than 2 minutes) and this is what I came up with.

I want to be completely independent.  I strive to acquire new skills in order to adapt to the ever changing world.  I’m constantly trying to improve myself as an individual with regard to physical well being, how I treat others, and having a high level of respect for what I intend to accomplish.  I will be philanthropic as soon as I can achieve my personal levels of success.  I’d eventually like to have a family but cannot do so until I feel my growth is where I want it to be combined with meeting a person who shares a similar outlook.  Settling is not my motive.