W0gMcI’m not a fantasy guru so take any advice I give at your own expense. I will however be participating in just about every form of football oriented activity from fantasy, to Draftkings, to Fanduel, to eliminator, to survival, and last but not least straight up action on games. It’ll be a wild year.

I’ll start with what I’ve found to be the most interesting in the DFS leagues. Here are my teams for FanDuel and Draftkings. It’s only Tuesday so there will most likely be changes come game time but you can see who I’m looking at with value. May have to click the pictures to see the teams.



Jameis most likely will be subbed out but he’s cheap and better than Tyrod and Cousins.  Bradford is the safer play but then I have to alter every part of the squad.  Value favors Lacy, Martin, and DeMarco at RB.  A-Pete and the ODB team is pure high risk, high reward.  I’m ALL IN on Julio this week with John Brown and Landry as cheap options who I just am looking for a solid outing. The TE in Rodgers is a huge risk but his price is so great to be the starting TE on the Packers. Seattle is the only defensive play this week.



I’ve taken a different route picking more of players who I like to explode and not worrying so much about what is considered value.  I’m staying as cheap as possible with Tyrod and sprinkling a little J. Hill, Lacy, DeMarco, A Pete, C Ivory, and Jamaal.  I’ve tested teams with Davante Adams and A Hurns as cheap options.  ODB, Cooks, Matthews, Cooper, and Julio are all guys I like.  Olsen and Bennet are safer plays with more upside than Rodgers.  Chandler Catanzaro was offered to me as advice and I’d still stick with Seattle.


Week 1 Games

  • bradyCovers has the Pats vs Steelers as virtually a pickem and the line going off at Pat -7 at home.  My general principal is to be on the opposite side of where you think the public is and with this game as an even draw it’s not a game to go crazy on. The Pats offense is going to be shaky with Brady having the entire off season drama, Gronk not playing a game, and the team having pretty much no star RB’s or WR’s.  With this quick take, you’d think to pound the Steelers.  Cool your jets.  LeVeon Bell is suspended and their defense is pretty much non-existent.  AB can’t win this game himself.  I tend to lean towards the Pats – 7.
  • Not this year toots. It's Lindsay Duke. Bortle's old GF.

    Not this year toots. It’s Lindsay Duke. Bortle’s old GF.

    GB (-6.5 & 67%) vs Bears, Miami (-3.5 & 65%) vs Redskins, and Carolina (-3 & 67%) vs Jags are the heavy action on Covers.   Green Bay vs the Bears is a divisional game at Chicago and the Bears are getting no respect.  I’d take the Bears as a home dog to cover but would stay away.  The Redskins are pretty much a joke this year and Miami is being hyped up as a playoff team.  These don’t always swing the way the public thinks and I expect a close game from Cousins and the Skins at home as another home dog.  Sticking with the trend, I’d bet on the home dog one more time as Jags +3 because the Panthers are going to be a lousy team offensively and the Jags will show an offense that no one has seen before with A Rob, Hurns, and Yeldon.

  • Win me that money.

    Win me that money.

    Bucs (-3 & 56%) over Tennessee is going to be my pick of the week.  Jameis will ignite this team with his legs if all else fails.  Not having Mike Evans may sway my vote here but I have no faith in any part of Tennessee.  They have one of the worst defenses in the league, no good RB’s, Kendall Wright is decent, and a QB who is playing for the first time.  Of course you could make this argument about Jameis but the home team is the play in this game.