Now that football season is here you’ll see more posts dedicated to what I consider the best sport on the planet. This summer I’ve spent some time watching soccer and even participated in a fantasy baseball league. Fact of the matter is, both sports are slower than molasses and I probably watched less than 5 hours total. I’ve probably already spent 5 hours researching football.

This post will outline why I love the NFL so much and it has a lot to do with their players, personalities, and dynamics involved with the league.


Sam Bradford

Bradford-Kelly-600When Sam Bradford was acquired by the Eagles from the Rams for Nick Foles the city was in disbelief.  Most assumed that Chip was up to his old tricks and was bundling him with a draft pick in order to feed the city who was salivating over Marcus Mariota.  3 preseason games, 32 plays, and 4 TD’s later,  you’d be hard pressed to find many Philly fans who wouldn’t want to see Sam Bradford in action this year.  I am one of them.

How can a player move from “I can’t believe we got this guy with 2 busted knees” to “I’m drafting this guy in my fantasy draft because I think he’s going to have a huge year” in a matter of months?  Going 11 for 11 against the Packers helps.  It goes to show that fans sentiment is all about how a player performs.  If you do well, we like you.  If you suck, you’ll be run out of town.  Oh yeah, and this pump video does it right.


JJ Watt

JJ WattI watched all of the Hard Knocks episodes this year and there is one true stand out star and that is JJ Watt.  He lives up to the hype of being the best defensive player in the league.  He’s the leader of the team who pumps up the players in the huddle.  He stays after practice for hours signing autographs for fans.  He is the consummate professional.

One fascinating tidbit I took from last night’s episode was that he only eats, sleeps, and breaths football.  He doesn’t get into extra curricular activities and leads a boring life where he goes to bed at 9pm, gets 10 hours of sleep, eats healthy, works out and practices like an absolute maniac.  This is the lifestyle required in order to be the best of the best.  He is so damn likable and by far a machine on the field.  He is all about the right stuff…and he lifts an 1,000 lb tire 65 times a day.



Tom Brady and Deflategate

How can I conclude a football post without mentioning Tom Brady and Deflategate?  You can’t.

150831153743-tom-brady-sketches-split-exlarge-169The ruling is supposed to come by the end of this week but who really cares anymore?  The NFL had to pose a suspension to appease the Colts and the rest of the teams in the league that cheating is wrong.  However, the proof is sketchy and the player involved is being shady doing weird shit like breaking cell phones.  The whole ordeal is bizarre and needs to get behind the NFL.

Also what kind of world do we live in where a sketch is blown into a big story?  The woman actually received threats drawing Tom Brady like a full blown retard.