glenn_close_but_no_cigarThe phrase close but no cigar comes from a time period when cigars were handed out as prizes for carnival games.  So when you lost it was “close, but no cigar”.  What.  The.  Fuck.  Anyway, this is going to be a shit entry but I wanted to get a post out there.

Close but no cigar can be used to describe my weekend because I had two instances where I was money but didn’t quite get there.  The first was the draft kings golf tournment where I put 5 guys through the cut but ultimately missed cashing by 11 spots with 9500 entries.  Goddamn Jonas Blixt.

odb-mainThe 2nd was a poker tournament that had about 115 players and I ended up getting 15th for a min cash of $34 dollars.  I played well and wasn’t called all-in except 2 times in the tourney (I had a boat once and the other was my going out hand where my 10-9 couldn’t beat 2 other pre-flop callers when I was short).  This is great and all but I lost $12 on a trifecta bet and had at least 5 beers which put me down for the day.

I also went bowling on Sunday where I put a 170 something game but wasn’t too great at picking up spares.  I also had my first draft which I was pretty pleased with.  I’ll share results after tonight’s.