Fantasy-FootballI’m not sure it’s a wise move to post my thoughts in drafts because I know people who are in my leagues read this and there is nothing worse when a player is scooped out from under you.  Even still, fantasy football is 25% draft, 75% management.

It’s smart to look at the previous year and see how you did and what were smart moves and mistakes on draft day to learn for this year.

Wild_turkey_eastern_usWild Turkeys – 1st Place – With the first pick I took A-Pete who missed the entire season.  It shows that you can still win without your first round pick which is why I have no qualms taking Leveon Bell with #1 this year.  My second round pick was Arian Foster who also got hurt mid season but was a beast during the playoff run.  Gronk in the 3rd round was the steal of the century playing all games.  Aside from those picks I had no one else who was a great contributor.  Matt Ryan and Vincent Jackson were mediocre and the rest were just plug in’s.  Now obviously I made tremendous picks up with ODB, Jeremy Hill (Bud spent a third of his waiver money only to drop him which I think will be a lesson learned that if you spend your money, believe in the pick up), Kenny Stills, and Charles Johnson.  This team won their last 7 games though off of ODB, Hill, and Gronk riding high through the playoff run.

I made the finals in another league (drafting Eddie Lacy first, Montee Ball second, Gronk 3rd),  the playoffs in a league (Dez and Demarius went 1-2 for me – Gronk, who was drafted in the 3rd round by Adam won the league), and missed the playoffs in the 3rd (drafting Peterson and Foster again).  Key note here, Gronk was on the championship team in 3 out of 4 leagues I played in.

2015 Draft

Here is a list of where players are being drafted.


If I get the first pick, I’m a toss up between LeVeon Bell and Adrian Peterson.  I want nothing to do with Lacy, Lynch, Anderson, or Forte.  I’d take Jamaal or J. Hill if they come to me.  I’m not taking DeMarco, LeSean, Forsett, or Miller with any of my picks.  These aren’t guys I want on my team.  I’ll take my chances with guys like Abdullah, Melvin Gordon, D Martin, and Jonathan Stewart.

oakland-raiders-wide-receiver-amari-cooperThis takes us to WR’s.  I like the top 7 guys.  I think ODB is going slightly too high and Megatron slightly too low.  I’d prefer Megatron over Dez, Julio, and Demaryius.  I’m 100% looking to draft him in the 2nd round if he drops to me.  AJ Green, TY, Jeffery, and Brandin Cooks are good players but I’m looking elsewhere.  Guys like Matthews, Hopkins, Adams, and Amari Cooper seem more reasonably priced.

TE’s are Gronk.  I’m drafting Gronk in the 2nd round.  Bottom line.  No one is more valuable.  If someone wants to draft him with the 11th pick like I would, then I’ll find another guy like Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce, Martellus Bennett, or Tyler Eifert in the later rounds.  If I can’t get Gronk, I don’t mind waivering it up for a TE week after week.

NFL: Divisional Round-San Diego Chargers at Denver BroncosQB’s are my least important draft pick because the difference between the best and the worst isn’t that great.  I read some article that pointed out a guy using waiver wire pick ups week after week actually out scored Matt Ryan over the course of a season.  Sure I like Luck and Rodgers but I don’t think they add that much value.  Give me Ryan Fitzpatrick against a shitty defense any day of the week and I’ll roll the dice instead of drafting Peyton in the 3rd round.



Just because I write it doesn’t mean I follow it to a t.  I’m not trying to throw people off because if you come to read my blog, I want to provide good content.  I’m not a fantasy star by any means but I hawk the waiver wire closer than you and that’s why I’m competitive.  There’s  a reason why I make the most moves year after year.  The draft is the draft but the season is the real deal.