Sam, you’re lucky you have me as a brother so I can answer such questions like “Who Gives a Qua About Tim Tebow“.

Pro- Football Reference is the best for stats if you haven’t been using it, just FYI.


The Year of Tebow

Tim-Tebow-Blackballed-From-NFL-Due-To-Christian-BeliefsThe year is 2011. The Broncos started the season 1-4 with Kyle Orton at the helm and Tim Tebow was named the starter week 7. He wins his first game against the Dolphins 18-15. He gets wrecked by the Lions 10-45 the next week and then a light was shone upon him.

He rattles off 6 straight wins winning by narrow margins 14, 7, 4, 3, 3, 3.  It’s hard enough to win 1 game in the NFL let alone 6 straight by such slim margins.  It wasn’t just him winning games, it was the way he won the games.


week11tebowWeek 11 – After each team traded punts, the Broncos got the ball with 5:54 remaining, when quarterback Tim Tebow led the Broncos on a 12-play, 95-yard drive, culminating with Tebow scrambling 20 yards for a touchdown with 58 seconds remaining.

week12tebowWeek 12 – The Broncos’ defense subdued San Diego’s final drive of the fourth quarter, sending the game to overtime. On the Chargers’ second possession in overtime, Novak’s potential game-winning 53-yard field goal was blocked. However, head coach John Fox had called a timeout prior to the kick. Novak missed the second attempt wide right. The Broncos’ third possession in overtime began with 2:31 remaining, and Prater nailed the game-winning 37-yard field goal with 29 seconds left in overtime.

week13tebowWeek 13 – The Broncos answered with kicker Matt Prater’s 46-yard field goal with 1:33 left to tie the game at 32. On the Vikings’ ensuing possession, Broncos’ cornerback André Goodman returned an interception off Ponder to the Vikings’ 15-yard line. Six plays later, Prater nailed the game-winning 23-yard field goal as time expired to give the Broncos their fifth consecutive win.

week14tebowWeek 14 – With 4:34 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Broncos put together a 7-play, 63-yard drive, and finally got on the scoreboard with 2:08 remaining, when quarterback Tim Tebow threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. With no timeouts remaining, the Broncos tried an onside kick, but Chicago recovered prior to the two-minute warning. After one running play, the two-minute warning stopped the clock. On the next play, Broncos’ linebacker D. J. Williams was able to push Barber out of bounds, saving 40 seconds of time. The Bears eventually punted to the Broncos’ 20-yard line with 56 seconds remaining. b-game-winning-kickTebow subsequently led the Broncos on an 8-play, 39-yard drive, with Prater nailing a game-tying 59-yard field goal to send the game to overtime. This was the first game in NFL history that had two field goals of 57 yards or more. Chicago won the overtime coin toss, however, they deferred, and the Broncos went three-and-out on their first possession. The Bears drove into field goal range on their first overtime possession, but Broncos’ linebacker Wesley Woodyard forced a fumble off Barber, with defensive end Elvis Dumervil recovering the fumble. Nine plays later, Prater nailed the game-winning 51-yard field goal.

They lost the next 3 games and finished 8-8 but won tie-breakers over their rivals and ended up making the playoffs. What happens in the playoffs?  Oh yeah, this.

tim-tebow-god-jesus-2People honestly thought that God was helping this guy win. He didn’t have an extraordinary amount of talent (he sucked frankly) but for some inexplicable reason, he couldn’t lose. Of course the Patriots then walloped him 45-10 the next round of the playoffs exposing him for the fraud that he was but everything since then has all hinged on this incredible run. It’s hard to explain because he had no business winning these games.

I actually bet on the Bears game and there was probably less than 1% of a chance to come out of that game with a victory. All the Bears player had to do was fall down and the clock would have expired, instead he gets forced out of bounds. Next the Broncos put together just enough to give Prater a shot at a 59 yarder and what does he do on a kick that’s probably 2% – through the uprights. Then he nails another 50+ yarder in OT?!?!?! It felt like there was a spirit helping Tebow along. Of course it was most likely the thin air of Denver but, how can you argue otherwise?

That was it though. He was never given another chance by the Broncos (Peyton came) and the Jets had him sit all of 2012. Sure the Patriots gave him a shot and now the Eagles but the coaches see him for what he is, a shitty QB. How he made that run is a mystery to everyone but that’s why he’s so damn appealing. It’s like there’s a godly aura surrounding him that is magnetic to the media. I hope this clears up some Tebow mania for you.