Yesterday I cranked out 5 posts.  Probably an all time high.  When you post that often people start expecting posts spreading like wildfire but much to your dismay, that is not the case.  I’ve got nothing.

130409163534-migrant-workers-lebanon-2-story-topI was going to post about the migrants from the Middle East infesting Europe but than I realized I know absolutely nothing about why it’s happening (aside from the Middle East being a shit place to live which is probably all there is to know) but my stance would mean nothing.

An Israeli army female soldier in trainingThen I read some article with 2 females passing the Elite Rangers military training for the first time in history which was pretty neat but once again my stance is about one sentence.  Cool, now we can send women into battle to get shot and blown up.  EQUALITY IS GREAT!

So that leaves me making a post about making a post which I’ve done plenty of times before.  Better than nothing.